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Things I need to name:

The hour after eating chocolate cake in which I, regardless of the fact that I have been eating food for over 24 years straight, and have mastered the approved techniques of doing so, am certain I've done something to my face a toddler would deem shameful.

Things I want to be wrong about:

The fate of Dr. Martha Jones (Doctor Who companion series 3)Collapse )

Other things on my mind:

How much Hallumi cheese can you eat before you're officially addicted?
The Characters Unite commercial or "drawing a very small box and calling it diversity"
I am in such dire danger of losing my heart to In Plain Sight it's not even funny.

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The Lancaster Report

4:30 am, nearly 16 hours after I presented my first paper in an academic setting. Here's the report, and the brain-sparks that followed me home.

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Wave Hello to Lancaster

This is a Live Journal post that will be screencapped and included in a presentation to Lancaster University.

In order to outline the structure of a Live Journal post, I'd like to get some comments down below.

So say something interesting, display your favourite icon or just say hi!
Wow. Been away so long that I forgot where the post button was.

Well, I went into the belly of academia and a version of me came out.

I'm writing a paper for a conference this summer and I hope to talk about the use of icons (specifically those made of un-manipulated image and text) and their power to re-write or otherwise re-jig narratives and meanings and to address/redress insufficiencies in canon. I'm also interested in the implications of fans using these image/text combinations to represent themselves.

I'm hoping to focus on Star Trek Reboot and especially Uhura, and how adding text to images of both TOS and Reboot Uhura changes our interpretation of her.

So, dear internets, after neglecting you so pitilessly, I solicit your help.

I'm looking for

1) Relevant Star trek (original or reboot) comms to which I can make further appeals

2) Uhura icons of all sorts

3) Icons that re-signify female characters, specifically
3a) Elizabeth Weir "so much cooler than I'm written"
3b) Uhura "I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am" <--found
3c) Uhura "Actually I can hear you over the sound of how awesome I am" <--does this exist?found
3d) Any other icon that uses the "can't hear you" meme or "how are you so awesome" meme.

4) Icons that are meta-narrative or meta-character, including but not limited to, in slashy ways.

5) Icons that play with their place in the LJ layout
5a) SGA "my icon pokes yours with a stick"

Please feel free to distribute far and wide.

Any questions at all, please let me know: jen.wei.lo AT gmail DOT com

With great thanks
moon_brain aka Jen
Ok, turns out being in grad school is a bit harder than getting into it. Not by much, mind, but enough. I totally suck at keeping up with this journal, and to be honest, my reading pattern has changed--I simply don't have the energy to read every gem that comes along. I'm mostly visiting rec sites these days.

Also, I got facebook, which, what? I have been facebook's greatest antagonist for years. But my cohorts go to dinner and shopping a few times without me, and I cave like a house of cards built on sand.

Keep on rockin.

Still Alive (It was a triumph)

If my icon-fu were a shelf, it'd be covered in dust. If it were bread, it'd be green and fuzzy. If it were a window, it'd give you tetanus just from looking at it. If it were a patient on House, it'd be wheezing through an oxygen mask and on it's third MRI.

I need the paddles, people.

I've also realized that I have been very self-absorbed and have not been paying attention to things like Dreamwidth and OTW. Bad fangirl. (My excuse? I've been sleeping my way through the CW-and six degrees fandoms. Supernatural, J2, Smallville, Wellingbaum (We're still doing the namesmash thing? Ok, didn't know it was still 2005) as well as Leverage and Band of Brothers. Also, I'm naturally self-centred. Mea culpa.)

I've also taken my real life by the horns and gotten myself into grad school in London. I'm moving in about two weeks, and the prep work has been, to say the least, involved.

So, in recompense and celebration (or however you want to play this), I offer two things:

1. Iconfest. Remixes, requests, essays, comments, what have you, I want it.

2. My RL bloggy-thing is on blogspot, because I really don't need my boardchair/mentor finding my wincest squee. It is available upon request.

Peace out, folks

Dear Smallville, U SUK.

Been giving Smallville a chance (I'm on 1x11), so that I could understand the awesome fic.

Ok, this show? THIS SHOW?

Is not well written. Lighting techs, directors, gaffers, actors, production assistants, everyone else, I'm very sorry to say this. But writers, script supervisors, and producers? Go stand in the corner.

And I'm pretty comfortable with holding this show as an exemplar of how NOT to write female characters. Observe.

1.1: This is all about meeting characters. It's not too bad. Rejuvenated hazed nerd comes back to torment bully jocks. Lana's fetish for pink established.
1.2: Lana trapped in a grave.
1.3: Some male victims, and Chloe trapped in a burning room by an angry coach.
1.4: Lana threatened by a doppleganger/single white female.
1.5: Player jock given perpetual hypothermia, survives by picking up a random girl, stealing her body heat through sex, and shattering her frozen corpse. *gag*
1.6: Rejuvenated murderer exacts revenge on the daughter of his enemy. Martha Kent trapped in a grain cellar. She does fight back like she has a real brain though. Half points.
1.7: Fat teenager loses weight via krypto-veggies. Eats everything in sight and moves onto humans. Slightly satisfying when fat-joke dispensing character gets eaten.
1.8: Haven't seen this one.
1.9: This one is the first episode with a decent plot and villain. But almost no women on screen.
1.10: Lex's servant girl has a crush on him, and her brother goes invisible man trying to preserve her fantasy. She spends the episode stealing watches and building a Lex-shrine.
1.11: Lana is attacked and can't remember anything, so the boys fight over what they think happened to her. She threatens to end her friendship with Clark not because of anything he did/failed to do with her, but because he doubts the honesty of her boyfriend.

Will report if it picks up from here, but as a show, the misogyny is strong with this one.

In the not-sucking category, Tom Welling's eye teeth, Pete and Chloe (who are singlehandedly saving the show from being a docile, whitewashed, Heartland nightmare), and the way Michael Rosenbaum makes me want to take bubble baths and roll around in silk. And the fic. Oh. The Fic.


Help a brother out

Did Frank Zuko go free at the end of Juliet is Bleeding?

He went away in handcuffs but Vecchio says "it was an accident".

So...what happened next?!